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Air Conditioning Services

Why do air conditioning systems need to be serviced?

  • Because up to 10 % of the refrigerant is lost every year.
  • Because, otherwise, the compressor oil supply is no longer guaranteed.
  • Because humidity in the system can cause expensive repairs.

In contrast to what some vehicle manufacturers say, vehicle air conditioning systems must be serviced regularly.

Every year, up to 10 % of the refrigerant is lost from the system naturally through hoses and connection elements. This means that the cooling capacity is noticeably reduced after only three years. In addition, the refrigerant that circulates through the air conditioning system serves as a carrier medium for the oil which is also in the system.

The air conditioning compressor requires this oil as a lubricant. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, the compressor may no longer be sufficiently lubricated. This can lead to complete compressor failure.

The necessary repairs can quickly run up a bill of £ 700 and more. This can be avoided if the air conditioning system is checked once a year.
In addition, the refrigerant absorbs humidity from the outside via the hoses. Part of this humidity can be trapped by the dryer in the air conditioning system. The saturation point can be reached after 2 years of operation.
If the dryer is not replaced regularly, the high water content in the system will lead to corrosion. Increased wear and mechanical damage to system components are likely to follow.
The expansion valve could also ice up. This can lead to considerable problems, possibly to complete failure of the air conditioning system.

High repair costs can be avoided by replacing the dryer regularly.

We can install, service, repair & supply parts for all makes & model of car / light commercial vehicles.

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